Friday, August 28, 2009

New Blog

I made a new blog. It is:

It's not private. I will hopefully make it more exciting than it is right now, but as I have lots of homework, unpacking, cleaning, and work starting on Monday, it may not be for a while.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Holy Crap.

So much stuff everywhere.

So many things to buy.

So many thank you's to write.

So much stuff to unpack.

So not enough time.

Classes start tomorrow for me. Yikes.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I've gotten a lot of comments about my last post. And it shouldn't bother me, but it does. Seth and I had a wonderful honeymoon, I wasn't blogging because I was bored or not having a good time, it took me ten minutes to write that while I was waiting for him to shower, we both wanted to go to church and we both enjoyed being able to take the Sacrament together and I don't care what anyone else thinks. And that's all I have to say about that.

Things have been crazy! Here was our schedule for the past week:
Wednesday: drive up to Provo, unpack, repack, drive up to Salt Lake City
Thursday: attend Erik's (best friend of Seths) sealing, luncheon, and reception, drive back to Provo, unpack, repack, get dropped off at the airport, fly all night long
Friday: arrive in Richmond, nap, help get house ready, get ourselves ready, Open House all night, drive to Buena Vista with Amanda/Stuart
Saturday: drive to Raleigh, set up for Open House, get ourselves ready, Open House all night, clean up, go home
Sunday: get up, go to church to hear Bryce (Seth's brother) speak, go home, be with family

Seth and I slept in this morning. We're tired. I'll have more detailed posts about everything later.

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Conversation

This occurred yesterday on the way home from church.

Seth: Someday I want to build our own house. . . .
Janette (oh so happily): Aw, yay
S: . . . out of legos.
J: what, NOOO!!!
S: (laughing hysterically to himself) Yes! It'll be awesome! And then, when you get mad at me and you push me, I can just go crashing right through the wall!
J: (moaning) Noooooo........

He just had to pause in the middle of that sentence and raise all my hopes and dreams, only to crush them a few seconds later.

We've been married 3 days.
There's no going back now.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3 More Days

Seth and I arrived here safely last night after an 11 hour drive. We left an hour and a half after we said we wanted to because of all the last minute cleaning and packing. I'm so glad it's over. Now I just have to worry about

David just came in and asked - no, demanded to be included in this blog entry and as he saw I was writing this he gave me a high five and started to do the wave with his shoulders.

I have an awesome brother.

Anyway, now I just have to worry about UN-packing everything when we get back. And finding a place to put it. Joy.

Every few hours Seth will lean over to me and say "Hey, guess what?" And then I say "what?" even though I know perfectly well what's coming. His response is always, "We're getting married!!!" He may be slightly excited, or he may just be making sure I don't forget about it.
I mean, I know I have a terrible memory, but come on. I can remember that I'm getting married on Friday, he doesn't need to remind me of it 5 or 6 times a day.
He's been doing this since Saturday.

These are the things we did today:
1. Met with our photographer
2. Got my haircut
3. Picked up our marriage license
4. Bought a new belt for Seth
5. Took a nap
6. Went to Costco

Also Seth has read almost all of my brother's entire collection of Captain Underpants books today. He said it was "intellectually stimulating."

Yeah. Right.

Friday, August 7, 2009

A House Update

Take a look at this.
This is the floor of our mud room.
Seth and I assumed these gold bars were screwed into the floor because of a bad carpeting job and didn't think much about it.
There are other weird things in our house. This one was not at the top of the list.

Until one day when our neighbor Steven kneeled down on the floor beside it and stuck his fingers underneath the bars to reveal....


Yeah. Creepy.
We de-creepified it by adding light bulbs and bug bombing the place. And now that the pipes are fixed and the water heater is turned on, I would like to leave the trap door shut and pretend like there's a bad carpeting job in the mudroom.

In other news, we are almost done with fixing things up in our house.
There were lots of holes to patch.

Seth used paint sticks from Lowe's to fix these holes. I wish I had before pictures, but be assured they were big dark holes. The one in the window sill you could see through to the outside.
I painted them white so they wouldn't look so obviously like a patch job.

And then we spent the next 10 hours cleaning our house.
Yes. I said 10 hours. TEN HOURS. And guess what? We didn't finish. Which is why we came back again today. And cleaned for 4 more hours.
And guess what? We haven't finished. We still have to clean the tub and the mudroom.
So I guess I will get off the computer and get back to work. My poor wrinkly hands...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Saturday, August 1.

Saturday we went kayaking down the Provo River. It was a couples fest - Seth and I, and his two roommates Jeff and Michael along with their girlfriends all went as a group.

I have to admit I was kind of apprehensive about the whole expedition. Kayaking and Janette do not go together. I could just imagine it - all five of my friends kayaking happily along, while I was a good distance away, floundering with my oar and stuck yet again in some overhanging tree.

Thankfully I was spared from this horrible image becoming real life, as we rented two 2-man kayaks and two 1-man kayaks. Seth and I took a 2-man, and I spent the majority of my time sitting in the front seat lazily trailing my fingers in the water while Seth did all the rowing and steering from the back seat.

I think I got the better end of the deal. Seth thinks he did. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Unfortunately, our friends are of the rambunctious sort and they spent most of their time splashing us with their oars and switching kayaks in the middle of the river, often falling out.
And unfortunately, we splashed back. Which is when Seth broke his oar.
In half.
And had to pay $50 for it.


The place we rented it from told him to contact the company and see if he could get a new one. If he did he could keep it. So it could work out. Apparently oars are much more expensive than $50. Which I think is perfectly ridiculous.

After the kayaking trip we went to Golden Corral and stuffed ourselves. And while the process was enjoyable, the aftermath was terrible. There were couples strewn over every couch in the living room, all breathing shallowly and trying to touch each other as little as possible in order to lessen the pain.

It was a great day.